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Key Themes

Conference topics will be devoted to both materials and cooling systems. The themes of the conference cover three main scopes :

Magnetocaloric materials Magnetic cooling systems Ferroic materials and heat switches
  • alloys and compounds with magnetocaloric effect
  • physics of the magnetocaloric effect
  • shaping and preparation of active materials
  • theory, design and numerical aspects
  • experimental tests of machines and prototypes
  • permanent magnets and assemblies
  • electrocalorics, barocalorics, etc.
  • heat switches
  • materials with tunable thermal conductivity



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Keynote speakers’ contributions

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Social Events

Enjoy the social Programme beyond the Conference scientific sessions!


All events are included in the registration fee.
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Welcome reception

When: Sunday 11 September 2016 from 18:00
Where: TORINO INCONTRA Conference Center – Via Nino Costa 8, Torino

Following a 230-year old Torino tradition , an informal get-together (Aperitivo) will welcome all participants on Sunday evening, after the tutorial lectures.
The registration desk will be open during the welcome reception.


Piano Concert

Gabriela Montero, piano

When: Monday 12 September 2016, 21:00
Where: Conservatorio ‘Giuseppe Verdi’ – piazza Bodoni, Torino

The concert is part of the ‘MITO SettembreMusica’ music festival taking place in Torino and Milano from 2 to 22 September 2016.
Discover the concert programme.

In addition, this year the audience will get a chance to sing along: the festival hosts thirty choirs with over one thousand singers in all!

On Sunday, 11 September, twelve outdoor concerts will be performed in different locations. Music lovers can view the full programme of events.


Torino Borgo Medievale

Torino Borgo Medievale © torinostoria.com

Social Dinner

When: Tuesday 13 September 2016, 20:00
Where: on the banks of Po River in the Medieval Village ‘BORGO MEDIEVALE’ inside the Valentino Park – Viale Virgilio 107, Torino

The Conference dinner will be held in a hall facing the Po River in the romantic ‘Medieval Village’ situated in the grounds of the Valentino Park, in the heart of the city.

The so called ‘Medieval’ Castle and Village was built to host the Ancient Art section of the 1884 Turin Expo: within this great exhibition, meant to promote the industrial, technological and business development of the city, the medieval village was intended as an educational and promotional tool. Along the Po River and surrounded by walls, a richly furnished castle rises above a small cluster of houses and workshops. In 1884, visitors were shown the ancient manufacturing techniques: from the potter’s to the weaver’s, from the carpenter’s to the blacksmith’s and the coppersmith’s workshops had been recreated, as well as the apothecary and a workshop for the reproduction of artistic objects. The entire village, intended to be a temporary location, was then kept as a piece of the architectural heritage of the town, and is now a very particular multi-purpose museum, whose objective is to foster and study traditional crafts, to create a fun learning place for children, as well as an interesting tourist attraction.

Find out more on the Medieval Village more information